PTCL Launches CharJi EVO With Speed Upto 36Mbps

Offer Details CharJi EVO provides customers with unprecedented speeds and  revolutionizes the way  internet is used. CharJi EVO is about performance and the network is capable of  speeds of up to 36 Mbps,  unmatched by competitors. The high-end attributes of the service include  faster throughput rates, super-fast browsing experience & low ping rates and improved latency.  Enriching the lives of our […]

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NADRA Introduces Smart National ID Card

NADRA announced Smart National ID Card (SNIC) to give you an experience of an High-Tech security solution for protection of your identity. Features: Chip base Smart National Identity Card with 36 Features. Multi-dimensional usage and services. Social and Financial Inclusion Programmes. Use of the State-of-the-Art Encryption techniques. Live Identification of Captured Fingerprints. Easy Pension Disbursement..

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