Google Loses Its 1st Rank Due to Anti-Islamic Videos

After protests in many Islamic countries and due to boycott and blockage of most Google services in Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, India and other countries have warned Google, the owner of Youtube¬†Brazil Court Orders to Remove Anti-Islamic Film from Youtube, Google’s ranking goes down by 1.Google which had long record of number one ranked website now a days has 2nd […]

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Brazil Court Orders to Remove Anti-Islamic Film from Youtube

Brazil Protests Against Anti-Islamic Film

After many countries including Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Bangladesh, India, Brazil also orders to remove anti-Islamic film from youtube.According to sources Brazil court orders to remove anti-Islamic film from youtube within 10 days. This lawsuit was brought by Brazilian Muslim Group against youtube owner Google Inc, Judge Gilson Delgado Miranda said¬†the case juxtaposed freedom of expression and the need to protect […]

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Iran Blocked Google and Gmail

Gmail Blocked in Iran

Iran has planned to ban Google and Gmail forever to ensure their Cyber Security.They have developed their own domestic network and is the reason to block Google and Gmail.Government deputy minister on Sunday that Google search engine and Gmail will be blocked within few hours. Until further notice Google and Gmail will be filtered.The Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA) said […]

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