HowTo: Setup Cron Job in cPanel

1 – Login to your cPanel and in Advanced section choose Cron Jobs 2 – Cron Email enter your email if you want to receive email notification when cron job runs it depends on your cron settings. 3 – Setting Add New Cron Job according to your own and in Command field put the URL or command you want to execute […]

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HowTo: Enable SuPHP in Kloxo

1- Edit suphp.conf file: vi /etc/suphp.conf Just Change this [handlers] ;Handler for php-scripts x-httpd-php=php:/usr/bin/php-cgi ;Handler for CGI-scripts x-suphp-cgi=execute:!self To this [handlers] ;Handler for php-scripts x-httpd-php=”php:/usr/bin/php-cgi” ;Handler for CGI-scripts x-suphp-cgi=“execute:!self“  

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HowTo: Create Private Nameservers with namecheap [Screenshots]

Many of us want to hide their web hosting company nameservers from whois,Its good idea to make your private nameservers on your domain.Like of you have then its private nameservers would be and Theses are just examples you can type anything on nameservers like .I have prepared a complete tutorial for you with screenshots on how to […]

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