Huawei Unlocker Tutorial

If you want to unlock your Huawei modem or phone you can simply go to the URL listed below and calculate unlock code using new algorithm. You can paste your IMEI and you will get your code within seconds that could be used with any SIM card. Huawei Unlocker V3 Algorithm

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Mobilink Launches 3G Enabled USB Dongle

Mobilink has announced the availability of its 3G enabled USB Dongle which provides customers high speed internet with plug and play technology. The device is named as “SpeedNet” and it comes with free trial for 3G services and offers high speed internet reaching up to 7.2 Mbps, said a statement issued by the company. Aamer Manzoor, Head of Data Mobilink […]

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Send Free SMS from Gmail

Assalam o Alaikum, Yes, it is possible and Gmail has enabled this feature. But this is limited to Mobilink numbers only.Also Mobilink users can also reply. More on Jazz website Mobilink & Google Pakistan launch Gmail-SMS web service. It is a free web-to-SMS service which enables Gmail users to send SMS to any Mobilink subscriber via Gmail web client. Mobilink subscribers […]

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