Free Wi-Fi & Revision in 1Mbps DSL Charges for New Customers

Its era of wireless or wifi technology and due to increasing popularity and usage of wifi devices PTCL just waved off its Wifi modem charges and offering free wifi modem only for new customers,Existing customers will continue to pay regular charges Rs.100 per month for Wifi modem.

Note: 256kbs and Student packages are not eligible for free modem.

Revised 1MB Package Details:

 This applies to new customers only

  • Charges Rs.1,250 per month
  • Free Wireless Modem

 Existing 1MB Package Details:

  •  Existing customers with 1mb package will continue to pay Rs.1,199 per month as per existing policy.
  • Existing customers will have to pay Rs.750 for modem up-gradation (simple modem to Wireless modem).
  • Existing Wireless modem customers will pay as per existing policy (i.e Rs.100 per month).
  • Bundled package  and triple-play services will be provided free of cost Wifi modem upon installation and there will be no monthly recurring charges.