Just yesterday Microsoft announced Windows 8 is finally ready and released to manufacturing. Today its Enterprise N version is all over the torrent servers.

The N version stands for a stripped down version, which lacks the Windows Media Player – a requirement ruled by the European Commission 8 years ago.

The leaked ISO is for the x64 version of the Enterprise N editions (there might be x86 somewhere too) and is not bootable. This means you must start the installation under Windows.

There was another leak yesterday for the 32-bit standard version of Windows 8, but I have my doubts it might be fake.

Anyway, it is now confirmed that the final build is 9200.

I recommend you stay away from these early leaks for various reasons – they require activation so they might work only for a few (3-30) days, they might have some nasty viruses and also because one thing is for sure – come October, you’ll have to re-install Windows all over again. If you simply can’t wait, just use the free Release Preview for now – it’s probably as good as the leaked RTM versions.