Now FBR has decided to reduce sales tax on the import of mobile phones, including smart cellular phones or satellite phones. FBR would amend the SRO 280(I)/2013 following repeated representations of mobile phone industry in this regard. According to the new arrangement, the FBR decided to create three slabs of sales tax for different types of mobile phones.

But Another move by the FBR – It has imposed Rs.250 SIM Activation Tax, which cellular Operators will have to pay now. An SRO has been issued in this regard according to Daily Express.

Check out the Following Details regarding Tax on Mobile Phones;

  • Mobiles with 2 MP Camera, 2.6 Inches Screen: Rs.150 Tax
  • Below 2.1 MP Camera, Screen 2.6 to 4.2 Inches Screen, Below 2 GHz processor: Rs.250 Tax
  • Touch Screen, 10MP or aboveCamera, 4.2 Inches or above Screen, IOS, BlackBerry, Operating System, 2GHz or above Processor: Rs.500 Tax

Tax Imposed on Sim Activation