Nitro Package


Ptcl announced exciting offer for EVO customers.EVO customers who purchased evo after 20th September can enjoy unlimited data with 9.3mbps speed for just Rs.2100/month for complete year.

Bundle Offer

Free Nitro + 3months usage for Rs.6000

Monthly Charges: Rs.2,100/month applicable from 4th month for one year

Nitro Monthly Unlimited

Nitro Device Charges: Rs.4,000 

Monthly Charges: Rs.2,100/month applicable for 12months starting first bill.


  • Promotion is applicable for new Nitro customers only.
  • Promotion is applicable for new sales on bundle, as well as monthly payment packages.
  • For customers opting for bundle promo, Rs.6000 shall be paid in advance by the customer. Monthly charges of Rs.2,100 shall be applicable from 4th month onwards.
  •  For unbundled/monthly package options, Rs.2,100 monthly charges shall be applicable from first bill.
  • For bundle as well as unbundled sales, monthly charges for one year shall be Rs.2100/month.
  • Promotion is valid only for Commercial Nitro Packages.
  • Promotion is not valid for prepaid, Employee & other discounted packages.