To Be Opened for Pakistani Users

If certain conditions of the Google management are met, YouTube will be accessible as, a local search engine. This was stated by Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecommunications Anusha Rehman at Senate Standing Committee on Tuesday. She explained to the committee that the government had succeeded in convincing the Google management about religious sensitivities of Pakistanis.The local […]

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Google Blocks Windows Phone 8 YouTube App

Google Evil

Two days since we posted Youtube App Finally Announced for Windows Phone Users, but this app is no longer usable because Google has blocked access through it. Here is blog post of David Howard, Corporate Vice President : Posted by David Howard Corporate Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Litigation & Antitrust, Microsoft You may be wondering what happened to the YouTube app […]

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YouTube Capture app for the iPhone and iPod touch released

Youtube Capture

Youtube released dedicated application for iPhone and iPod. You can record videos, edit and upload them on youtube.@Paksharez

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Brazil Court Orders to Remove Anti-Islamic Film from Youtube

Brazil Protests Against Anti-Islamic Film

After many countries including Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Bangladesh, India, Brazil also orders to remove anti-Islamic film from youtube.According to sources Brazil court orders to remove anti-Islamic film from youtube within 10 days. This lawsuit was brought by Brazilian Muslim Group against youtube owner Google Inc, Judge Gilson Delgado Miranda said the case juxtaposed freedom of expression and the need to protect […]

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Pakistan Demands Removal of Anti-Islam Video from Youtube

Protest Against Anti-Islam Film

Richard Hoagland was summoned to foreign office today (Friday) to register Pakistan’s protest against anti-Islam film.Anti-Islam film hurted near about two billion Muslims in the world. Foreign Office demanded that it should be immediately removed from Youtube.Ambassador Hoagland reiterated in his meeting that US has condemned the video. Ambassador Hoagland stated that this act was a deeply insensitive decision by […]

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